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The Man with the Sea-green Eyes / Stories from the Kid’s Table


The Man with the Sea-green Eyes appears in “Longing for Bohemia”  a self published chap book by Lisa Noble.

What happens if you are face painting at Folklife and a magical storm whips up and whisks you away to the shores of mystic Bohemia? Here is my voyage over the Rainbow.

Lisa Noble worked for many years as a face painter at hundreds of festivals and events. She was swept into it while studying to be part of the volunteer make-up crew for the Seattle Opera, and after her first face painting gig at Bumbershoot, she fell down the rabbit hole.  Here Lisa and fellow artist Mary Jane B-D brave the tempest and add a touch of whimsy and magic to the blustery day… The Man With the Sea-green Eyes…

We are Folklife mavens of whimsy in our makeshift festival pavilion, my gypsy frock pasley’ed with glitter, your red high tops a fantasy of sequins and Aqua-color.

You can paint butterfly masks like nobodies business and I, Lisa queen of the rainbow unicorns have pockets stuffed with one-dollar bills as I shout out: NEXT!

Somewhere a steel drum plunks out a sweet, sweet melody, I crack my knuckles and sip my paint water as I clean my brush in your coffee. “Who’s next?” I say as I shake latte foam off my make-up brush, “do you want sparkles on your purple dragonfly?”

A man with sea-green eyes waits patiently in line, content to watch as we transform the children of May into Avatars and Dancing Dakinis: an alchemy of theater make-up, glitter and a wee bit of fairy magic.

We sway to the steel drum music: “NEXT!”

We laugh as the Bubble Man cavorts soap and humidity into iridescent miracles that float and explode in the blustery air.

“NEXT!” and next! and next! Kids and grown-ups braving the storm for a face paint a whimsy, a moon-beam Atlantis! NEXT!

Bubbles, cherry blossom petals, one-dollar bills and glitter whirl in the wind like confetti. Our pavilion threatens to blow away like Dorothy’s house up a tornado. and the rain splats down hard, people crowd into the shelter of our tent as Indian bedspreads and Mylar stars snap against us like sails on a mystic ship bound for the distant shores of Bohemia.

I paint sun designs on virgin bellybuttons to appease the thunder sprites: “NEXT!”

You envy my Gortex, I, your finger-less gloves, “NEXT!

You loan someone a blanky as I tell a little girl the story of Shaharizard.  Like magic , the sun sun suddenly breaks through the clouds and the steel drum music is as splendid as a solar triumph.

The patient man finally gets to be next. To my delight, the man with the sea-green eyes takes off his cap, and to the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, I paint a glimmering blue mandala, on his beautiful bald head.

Follow this blog for more kid’s stories. Lisa’s full length YA novel, “The Charman Chronicles: the Book of Fire” is available at her on-line shop: http://www.cafepress/ as well as on and Kindle


Folklife Mavens/ Stories From the Kids Table


Folklife Mavens/ Stories From the Kids Table

Illustration for “Man with the Sea-green eyes” a story about face painting at the Seattle Center for the NW Folklife Festival during a spring storm (there is always a spring storm during Folklife!) This story finds me and fellow artist and face painter extraordinaire, Mary Jane B-D.

Stories from the Kid’s Table: The Scary Monster Rock: an excerpt from book 2 of The Charman Chronicles: Letters from Home


The Final scary installment…

And the Monsters rolled up the drain pipe and squatted  outside you window: CHOMP-STOMP-CRUNCHY-CRUNCH! The monsters are ever so very hungry  At the stroke of midnight, the billion year old, evolved, shrunken monster crept under your bed, oozed into your closet, slunk onto you window sill: CREPT, OOZED, SLUNK- Demons to make you afraid and have nightmares; so scared, too scared to be bright and shiny.

The scary Monster Rock that squats under your bed, rolls monstrously around in your closet and hunkers outside on your window sill is…hungry. HUNGRY-HUNGRY-GRUNT-BURGLE-BURP!

CHOMP! the Rock ate the monster that crept under your bed: CHOMP-CHOMP: still hungry, noshed the imps in the closet, snakered down the gremlins, ghosties and ghouls outside you window: NOSH-CHOMP-BURP-BURGLE!

The very hungry Monster Rock ate up every Monster in Ventura and Seattle, Patagonia, and Antarctica and Freelandia. Yet the Scary Monster Rock is so very hungry and has another billion years years to travel and roll and get shot out of volcanoes.

But don’t worry, because you are filled with a wonderful brave light. The light calls the Scary Monster Rock to you and eats up all your fears. Every brave thing you ever did makes your light grow brighter. No matter where the Rock is: the deepest ocean, the driest desert or the darkest cave; no matter where it is tumble-grumble-rolling it will see your light and gnash-gobble-gulp it’s way to you.

Hold the light, your brave wonderful light in your hand ad the Scary Monster Rock will roll up your street and into your house. It will grumble-grunt roll: “I’m coming to get you and eat you right up!” and snorfy snack up any tasty monsters with in a hundred-million-billion miles. It will roll into your hand and bask in your light and ding-a-dig-digest a hundred-million-billion monsters. The Rock will purr like a kitten in the sunshine as you hold the world in your hand

*Lisa Noble has worked with children in many different ways over the decades. She plied her craft as a face painter and henna artist at hundreds of events such as WOMAD, Northwest Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot and The Best of the Northwest. She has worked and volunteered at such venues as Camp Agape, UW Hospital’s Cancer Survivors Picnic, Children’s Hospital and Peace Camp. Lisa worked with homeless children at Our Place Day Care and volunteered and taught art classes at Camarillo State Hospital. Lisa has taught art classes at North Seattle Community College, Stargazers, Travelers, Mirkwood and the Wonder School of the Arts. Lisa is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and loves to tap into all her experiences working with kids to write stories they will love to read.

to see her new book The Charman Chronicles and related items, visit her website: AKA The Charman Gallery/Goddess Within

Also available in paper back and Kindle on

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More Scary Monster Rock: Continued…


The first part of this story is posted on my previous blog…

All the scary monsters got out of the way as the rock rolled by, gnashing it’s teeth and grumbling: “I’m coming to get you…AND EAT YOU UP!!!

The scary monsters, once the size of megalithic monstrosities, giant lumbering two-story terrors; shrunk as the eons and ages and geological stages passed. The T-Rex shrank into a wolverine and the Eatumupulus reduced into a bridge troll. Some Pterodactyls evolved down to Bats in the Belfry and some into Dark Elf Bolt Fairies. Giant saber tooth gorillas evolved into tiny Imps and Djinns. Some evolved good and some evolved naughty, but they evolved and evolved! Pegasus became a dragonfly, Triceratops metamorphisized  into Gremlins in the closets and Goblins under the bed and demons peeping in the window.

Some Naughty monsters turned into things that went BUMP-A-WUMP-BUMPITY-BUMP at night!

But scary as these things all are, the scariest of all things is the billion year old rock: “The Scary Monster Rock” the scary monsters called it. “I’m coming to get you,” it grumbled. Never shrinking; GRUMBLE-BUMBLE-STUMBLE-SPLAT! Never evolving, never changing. But do you know what happens when you tumble for a billion years! You get really hungry, very hungry indeed: “I’m coming to get you and eat you up!” Yes, the Scary Monster Rock was very-very-very hungry!

The Scary Monster Rock is Rolling up your street: “I’ve been to China and Africa and India and I’m very, very hungry!” It’s getting closer to your house: GRUMBLE-BUMBLE-STUMBLE-SPLAT! Onto your porch: “I’m a billion years old, I’m not scared of anything and I’m ever so very HUNGRY!”

The Scary Monster Rock rolled under your bed: “I’m coming to get you and eat you up!” Listen, listen; teeth gnash-gnash-gnashing, the Scary Monster Rock has never been this hungry!

The Scary Monster Rock rolled into your closet; here it breathing, belching, GURGLE-BLURGLE-GLUMP-GLUMP, The Scary Monster Rock has never been so hungry, “I’m coming to get you,” it snarled, “and eat you up!


The Scary Rock Monster: an excerpt from Lisa Noble’s Charman Chronicles Book 2 Letters from Home


On a Mountain was a volcano. When it blew up, all the scary monsters on every corner of the world heard a BARA-BOOM-BOOM-Bang! Lava and ash and boulders and rocks shot out of the volcano. The Boulders landed with BUMP-A-WUMP-BUMP and the ground shook like an earthquake. But the scary Monsters said with a scary growl: “We’re not afraid of BARA-BOOM-BOOM-BANG or WUMP-A-BUMP-BUMP, we’re not afraid of anything!

But as the Earth Spun around for a billion years, one of the rocks that shot out of the volcano tumbled all over the world: China, Africa, India, all over! Yes on the bottom of the ocean across ice ages of glaciers, it even got shot out of another volcano! This rock had seen and done so many things, gone so many places, that, grumbling and tumbling for a billion years that  it wasn’t afraid of anything and the rock was fierce, ever so very fierce! 

Hard at Work: Stories from the Kid’s Table: A collection of stories for young and young at heart readers.


Hard at Work: Stories from the Kid's Table: A collection of stories for young and young at heart readers.

Here I am hard at work. I wonder what I’m working on now?