Stories from the Kid’s Table: The Scary Monster Rock: an excerpt from book 2 of The Charman Chronicles: Letters from Home


The Final scary installment…

And the Monsters rolled up the drain pipe and squatted  outside you window: CHOMP-STOMP-CRUNCHY-CRUNCH! The monsters are ever so very hungry  At the stroke of midnight, the billion year old, evolved, shrunken monster crept under your bed, oozed into your closet, slunk onto you window sill: CREPT, OOZED, SLUNK- Demons to make you afraid and have nightmares; so scared, too scared to be bright and shiny.

The scary Monster Rock that squats under your bed, rolls monstrously around in your closet and hunkers outside on your window sill is…hungry. HUNGRY-HUNGRY-GRUNT-BURGLE-BURP!

CHOMP! the Rock ate the monster that crept under your bed: CHOMP-CHOMP: still hungry, noshed the imps in the closet, snakered down the gremlins, ghosties and ghouls outside you window: NOSH-CHOMP-BURP-BURGLE!

The very hungry Monster Rock ate up every Monster in Ventura and Seattle, Patagonia, and Antarctica and Freelandia. Yet the Scary Monster Rock is so very hungry and has another billion years years to travel and roll and get shot out of volcanoes.

But don’t worry, because you are filled with a wonderful brave light. The light calls the Scary Monster Rock to you and eats up all your fears. Every brave thing you ever did makes your light grow brighter. No matter where the Rock is: the deepest ocean, the driest desert or the darkest cave; no matter where it is tumble-grumble-rolling it will see your light and gnash-gobble-gulp it’s way to you.

Hold the light, your brave wonderful light in your hand ad the Scary Monster Rock will roll up your street and into your house. It will grumble-grunt roll: “I’m coming to get you and eat you right up!” and snorfy snack up any tasty monsters with in a hundred-million-billion miles. It will roll into your hand and bask in your light and ding-a-dig-digest a hundred-million-billion monsters. The Rock will purr like a kitten in the sunshine as you hold the world in your hand

*Lisa Noble has worked with children in many different ways over the decades. She plied her craft as a face painter and henna artist at hundreds of events such as WOMAD, Northwest Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot and The Best of the Northwest. She has worked and volunteered at such venues as Camp Agape, UW Hospital’s Cancer Survivors Picnic, Children’s Hospital and Peace Camp. Lisa worked with homeless children at Our Place Day Care and volunteered and taught art classes at Camarillo State Hospital. Lisa has taught art classes at North Seattle Community College, Stargazers, Travelers, Mirkwood and the Wonder School of the Arts. Lisa is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and loves to tap into all her experiences working with kids to write stories they will love to read.

to see her new book The Charman Chronicles and related items, visit her website: AKA The Charman Gallery/Goddess Within

Also available in paper back and Kindle on

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About lisasstories2013

Lisa Noble is a published writer and artist. Her stories, poems and art work have appeared in the following: Poet's West Journal, The Sound, Sage Woman, The Beltane Papers, Mixed Metaphors by the Seattle Art Museum, Voices of Choice, 33 Angel Times, Metro's Paint me a Poem: as part of Metro's 1999 Poetry on Buses Lisa's poem: "Low on the North West Food Chain: was featured on several Metro Buses. Since 2006 Lisa has been a regular contributor to We'Moon publications. Lisa is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature and is the author of the 3-part Charman Chronicles series. Book one: "The Charman Chronicles: The Book of Fire" Is available on in book and Kindle form. (See Frieda Cramer's book review on the Kindle display!) Lisa's motto is: Support Literacy, Read to a Kid" thus the theme of this blog which will feature her favorite children's stories. Lisa has also self published two chapbooks and is the creator of the "Halfway to Babylon" project slated to come out in 2014. Lisa has shown her art work in group and solo exhibitions. Most recently being a part of the "Artful Henna" exhibition at the Art Not Terminal Gallery curated by Kree Arvanitas and Jeannie Lewis. View Lisa's work on her on-line shop: and on this blog.

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