The Magic Butterfly Tree by Lisa Noble. Excerpt from Book 2 of the Charman Chronicles: Letter From Home.


In a hidden cypress grove on a secret beach you will find a cedar tree. It isn’t just any tree, it’s a magic butterfly tree. And if you visit the magic tree on the right hour of the right day of the right month, you will see a wondrous sight; a magic dream, sunshiny butterflies cover the entire tree, as if it had wings instead of leaves or needles or cones. Golden glimmering wings fanning open and closed, open and closed, fanning. The tree a giant arboreal matriarch, looks as if she could fly away; fly all the way to the silver moon and back in the wink of an eye. The queen of the secret beach holds court. She welcomes you to her hidden cypress grove. Put out your finger and count the stars and hold the butterfly light, so light…Now you are light, and you have your own wings: flutter glimmer magic. Under the silvery  moon at the right hour of the right day of the right month, your feet will leave the ground. And high in the air you will find the whole wide world before you:  waiting for you, you can see the whole wide world as your feet leave the ground…flutter glimmer magic.

wasp and butterfly


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