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Temple of the White Dragon by Lisa Noble dedicated to the practitioners of Falun Dafa


Shen Yun is a dance performance that celebrates China’s diverse and ancient culture and yet this dynamic and spiritual show could never be presented in China today…

In the Temple of the White Dragon, early in the morning air, I practice Falun Dafa.  Coiled at my spine, White Dragon moves up my universe and sets me free.

Truth- Compassion- Tolerance.

I move, I breathe, I meditate.

Dragon’s vapor, morning haze. Face the sunrise without fear.

Breathe in the white fire.  Light of the movements

Truth- Compassion- Tolerance.

We are in unison, multitudes of individuals. We move as one. Our breathe one in one hundred million. The winds of change:

Truth-  Compassion-  Tolerance.

they try to outlaw the white dragon, her gentle power beyond their control. We move as one. They spy on us and lock us up, torture us and kill us. We breathe as one, work camps, disappearances. We move: prison. We meditate.

Truth- Compassion- Tolerance

In my mind, I do five simple movements. Alone as one with one hundred million; in the Temple of the White Dragon, I am free.