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Fan Mail: in honor of my friends from the Greenlake Dochang


Fan Mail

Dear Michelle

You scare off husbands because you dare to know kung-fu

Transcendence in a flurry of motion; no mere slip of a girl

You take on the world with your hands and feet

007 was no match for you

A hundred pound tsunami sweeping over the bad guys in a wave of fury

Dear Michelle

We are the same age and I think of you as I practice and practice

Kicks over my head- flying through the air, finding my breath-my chi

I work to be as good as you

Some day we could meet as sisters in arms

Defending the weak from the center of our power

Pure of heart and noble in spirit

Let’s kick some butt; metaphysically speaking

Dear Michelle

I know you have a wire and a great make-up artist

But the rest is pure you

You conquer crouching tigers and hidden dragons in silk brocade

You fly over roof-tops and bamboo forests

You are a sword a calligraphy poem written in the way of action

You do not know fear

And from a code of honor you strike with deadly purity

The fire of courage and integrity is pure you

Dear Michelle

I work to be as good as you



My own personal Animal Kingdom


My own Personal Animal Kingdom




Trapped between a rock and a hard spot

I did what any self-respecting jackrabbit would do

I began to jump up and down as high as I could: up and down in one spot

The disoriented raptor plummeted towards me but missed the mark

Disorient and deflect

Rabbit wisdom; I like to eat like a rabbit

Rabbit serenity; the Zen of twilight at DiscoveryPark

The trick is to also know the way of the cat

She who knows when to run, when to turn and stand her ground or roll on her back and eviscerate

Sometimes jump up and down (rabbits do very well at job interviews by the way and taking tests with essay questions.

Cats do not tolerate interviews or 9-5 anything.

Although crow like in my shopping habits especially in metaphysical bead shops,

I’ve been know to salamander around Belltown craving chocolate and

Squinting at poetry that I’ve written on post-its

with a blunt Ticonderoga

Until my amphibian disdain for dank weather renders me so sluggish that I drag myself into the nearest fire with hopes of reanimation and mocha.

My inner cat however continues to stalk me

She and I are one; I become the midnight invisibility of my desires.

Running off to join the circus; it’s Saturday night and the big top is full

I am a composed study of flame colored spandex and sequenced georgette

My eyes are orange and I do not have velvet paws

Ladies and gentlemen introducing Sylvia Mahlkinfire

The only flying trapeze-contortionist-magician in the universe!

I work a hundred feet in the air with a flaming net below

You won’t see me jump up and down in one place

I am the dark side of the moon, don’t make me angry mars is in retrograde


I’ve been dancing with the cobras since the equinox

Oh man, can I spit far

I purr as I fly tooth and claw over head

You may throw large bills at my feet

And if you must throw Damascus rose petals make sure that they are red


I levitate upon a pearlescent sphere to the sunlit side of a total eclipse.Image


“What Does Char-Man Look Like?” Contest Submission Form






Phone Number________________________________________________




Age _________________________________________________________


Grade _______________________________________________________


School _______________________________________________________


Title of Drawing: ______________________________________________


Title of Story: _________________________________________________


Parent or Guardian Signature: _____________________________________


Submission Guidelines

Stories and drawings must be created solely by contestant

Art work must be done on white paper in black ink

Stories limited to 500 words or less.


Winners will be selected from all ages 11-18


Winners will be notified by e-mail no later than 3-01-2014


Winning drawings and stories will be included in Lisa Noble’s:

“Stories from the Char-Man Chronicles- An Anthology of a Legend”


Winners will receive 1 contributor’s copy.


Lisa Noble reserves first Copy Rights for purposes of the Anthology.  Copy Right then reverts back to the winning contributors of this contest/project





The Charman Chronicles by Lisa Noble Presents:

A Contest for Ghost Story Fans

What Does Char-Man Look Like?

Yes, I want to know what my readers age 11-18 think Char Man looks like. I also want to hear your version of The Char Man Story in 500 words or less.


When I was growing up in Ventura California, everyone I knew had a different version of the Char Man story; I loved each and every one of them.  Oh how I wish I had written them down!  But now with my Char Man Chronicles and your help, I have a second chance to do just that!


Submit your story and or drawing to your Librarian and we will study each drawing and read each story.

Winners that are selected by the Char Man Fan Club up here in Seattle will be included in my upcoming novel: “Stories from the Char Man Chronicles: An Anthology of a Legend”


Contest Rules:


Must be in the 11-18 year old age group

Must have the consent of a parent or guardian

Drawings in black and white only

Stories must be 500 words or less.

Deadline: December 20, 2013

Contest info will be posted on my blog:



 Winners will be included in the anthology collection, posted on my blog: and will receive a free copy of the finished book!



“What Does CharMan Look Like?” Contest