Wednesday Blues. Published in 2013 We’Moon. What is more scary, going off all alone in search of ghosts or demons; or following your bliss to live a creative life and not give up no matter what- Don’t be afraid to be the artist that you are.


Wednesday Blues


Out of the void of the artists’ way

Running indigo Thai Uruyu paper through my teeth

I fold it, wet it, crease it, taste it


People seem to like blue as I tear it into fibery shreds

I’m not supposed to sit on the floor when I work

But somehow I find myself there


My low back groans, thoughts return.

Pain into thought, thoughts into nightmares


Ghosts and nightmares standing over me like carnivores

Ready to run my heart through their teeth

Ready to spit me out all over my worktable


Trapped in the middle a dream come true

Struggling between the magic and the reality

Alone with cold feet, getting ready for an exhibition

Adrift in layers of blue


No sales for a month, running out of time, supplies, money, courage

Alone in the company of ghosts and nightmares and Visa collectors

Thoughts and tears and muscle spasms

Me, falling to pieces like carefully torn paper, for a minute, I’m falling to pieces


But, something breaks through

The cacophony of negative sound tract thoughts

And, because I’m Dutch I stand up and stretch, straighten my workspace


In a daze I study a special order drying in the sun

Shades of rose quartz and amethyst touched with pearls and Kwan Yin reflection


A center piece for a healing altar

I hear a voice that’s always with me when I take the time to listen:

“Whatever you think you can do begin it- remember the magic of boldness”


I begin again and again every day

My art has touched someone like bits of semi-precious emotion

Helping one person to have hope and inspiration

For me, today, that is enough to begin to continue to follow my dreams


Goddesses and angels channeled their way into existence through me

And yet of me, exist to guide me.

Candle light glows through sky colored tamarind paper

The cat gives me a gentle green-eyed stare from her basket on my worktable


And I am quiet and I am Dutch, cat purrs and I unplug the phone

I pick up the pieces of carefully torn indigo Thai Uruyu paper

Like pieces of my life


Collaging them into a composition of inspiration and faith

Add a little cobalt; add a little turquoise, maybe some lapis

People seem to like blue.










About lisasstories2013

Lisa Noble is a published writer and artist. Her stories, poems and art work have appeared in the following: Poet's West Journal, The Sound, Sage Woman, The Beltane Papers, Mixed Metaphors by the Seattle Art Museum, Voices of Choice, 33 Angel Times, Metro's Paint me a Poem: as part of Metro's 1999 Poetry on Buses Lisa's poem: "Low on the North West Food Chain: was featured on several Metro Buses. Since 2006 Lisa has been a regular contributor to We'Moon publications. Lisa is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature and is the author of the 3-part Charman Chronicles series. Book one: "The Charman Chronicles: The Book of Fire" Is available on in book and Kindle form. (See Frieda Cramer's book review on the Kindle display!) Lisa's motto is: Support Literacy, Read to a Kid" thus the theme of this blog which will feature her favorite children's stories. Lisa has also self published two chapbooks and is the creator of the "Halfway to Babylon" project slated to come out in 2014. Lisa has shown her art work in group and solo exhibitions. Most recently being a part of the "Artful Henna" exhibition at the Art Not Terminal Gallery curated by Kree Arvanitas and Jeannie Lewis. View Lisa's work on her on-line shop: and on this blog.

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  1. Lisa, I am a 2013 We’Moon writer and I want you to know how much your words “Whatever you think you can do, begin it–remember the magic of boldness” mean to me. When I first read them they strengthened my heart. When I read them again this morning as I’m feeling weepy about the loss of my mother this past September and the loss of my job in August and the descent place of change and transformation, they said…Let Lisa know how her words are working in your heart and life. So…THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORDS, Lisa. I haven’t been writing for too long a time but put my ass in the chair and got going again this morning. That’s what i knew I could do and the magic is flowing as i write this to you. Happy almost Full Moon and may your creativity continue to flow bringing magic and joy to you and others.

    A We’Moon sister…
    Louise Paré, p 94 and Wall Calendar January 2013

    • Dear Louise,
      Thank you for you kind words.
      First let me apologize for the delay in getting back to you-I’ve had a lot of hard knocks going on and haven’t checked my blog lately. That said, something told me to check it today and I found your thoughtful and wonderful letter. My creativity does bring great joy to me because sometimes, like today, something I have written or drawn or painted, makes a difference in someone’s life. That makes all the Wednesday Blues in the world worth it. I think we as We’Moon sisters are all there for each other in what we share of our creative selves. I will share this with you: my brother always encouraged me to me an artist and writer. He sent me a quote by Goethe which became the inspiration for the line: “Whatever you think you can do begin it-remember the magic of boldness”. When he passed away in 2002 I was devastated, I also lost mt dad and then my job. While unemployed I threw myself into my art business, and like Wednesday Blues, I would sometimes feel like I couldn’t go on, then I would remember the magic of boldness and press on and hold on, it was as if through those words I still had access to my brother and his encouraging words. It was during this time that I wrote that poem. I can’t tell you what it meant for me to find your letter Louise. I’m going to go through my We’moon books and look at your contribution to the circle of art that is We’Moon. Thank you so much for writing to me Louise, good luck with your writing. Never give up. I know from your words that you will succeed!
      Your Friend,

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