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B-Town Bungalow



B-Town Bungalow


Bought our new home in B- Town

Toddle up Old Town; newbies with Willow the beagle for Lights a Glow

Our pup helping us to make friends and oh how she loved Jay Powers!

At Chelsea Park he’d find her a ball from his secret stash

Oh how she loved Jerry,

She’d jump into his mail truck looking for potato chips.

It made us feel at home,

To wave at Jay on our way to Doty Harper Park

for Summer Shakespeare.

It makes me feel at home to take back the night in a neighborhood block party:

My husband volunteering with CERT and SNAP,

Me, reading poetry at Phoenix Tea.

We looked for Jay at Seahurst Park: His bushy white hair,

gnarled hard working hands that kept our parks clean and safe.

His gentle laugh as Willow ran up to him waging her whole body.

We looked for Jay, Our B-Town neighbor.