Crayon Comix: by Lisa Noble will be on display for the first time at Fantagraphics Bookstore Saturday November 8 at the Georgetown Art Attack.


Here you see one of my first comic strips: Crayon Comix. I created this when I was going to Cosmetology School in the early 1980’s .  Most of the other comics I made were given away as gifts and made specifically for the recipient. One example was the saga of how our Friend Little Dave, became “MACHO DAVE” , crayon ComixI had been writing and illustrating poetry and short stories since high school and so as well as comics, I began to make calendars to give as Christmas Gifts. Each one had a different theme:  “The Fairies Did it”  was my first calendar, “Crayon Comix” made it into calendar form, “Year of the Dragon”  “Rosebuds and Moonbeams” etc.

On view for the first time: MINI Prints: illustrations from the Charman Chronicles”  See these, my Crayon Comix, the Scary  Monster Rock and more at Fantagraphics Bookstore. Nov 8 Saturday from 6-9mini midnight 4x


About lisasstories2013

Lisa Noble is a published writer and artist. Her stories, poems and art work have appeared in the following: Poet's West Journal, The Sound, Sage Woman, The Beltane Papers, Mixed Metaphors by the Seattle Art Museum, Voices of Choice, 33 Angel Times, Metro's Paint me a Poem: as part of Metro's 1999 Poetry on Buses Lisa's poem: "Low on the North West Food Chain: was featured on several Metro Buses. Since 2006 Lisa has been a regular contributor to We'Moon publications. Lisa is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature and is the author of the 3-part Charman Chronicles series. Book one: "The Charman Chronicles: The Book of Fire" Is available on in book and Kindle form. (See Frieda Cramer's book review on the Kindle display!) Lisa's motto is: Support Literacy, Read to a Kid" thus the theme of this blog which will feature her favorite children's stories. Lisa has also self published two chapbooks and is the creator of the "Halfway to Babylon" project slated to come out in 2014. Lisa has shown her art work in group and solo exhibitions. Most recently being a part of the "Artful Henna" exhibition at the Art Not Terminal Gallery curated by Kree Arvanitas and Jeannie Lewis. View Lisa's work on her on-line shop: and on this blog.

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  1. Hi Lisa, I like your mini prints here – and am inspired to see all that you are doing! I am hoping to make it down to Georgetown this Saturday. Rebecca

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