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Lisa Noble: We’MoonArtist


This April I had the opportunity to represent We’Moon Publications at the 2015 ASWM Symposium with a panel of two other women artists and make a PowerPoint presentation based on my art work.

Here is an excerpt of my speech:          Reach for the stars midnight copy

“As a We’Moon artist and writer, I’ve had the opportunity to share my personal mythology with other women around the world.

Like Rose teaching Frankie she is like-able,  We’Moon has been a great literary friend to me and has made me feel like my art and stories have made a difference in people’s lives. We’Moon publications empower women to put their visions out in the world for all to see.

As We’Moon artists and writers we walk the labyrinth of our own mythology, and share our light with the world. Now that’s real magic!”