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Artemis Bee Labyrinth/Goddess: the Divine Feminine at Gargoyles Statuary




Into the forest go I

A wild thing at night

I am a seed- a fireweed sprout

I am a she-bear; kindred spirit

Deep in the forest She waits

Shining in the torches- the candles- the stars

Eyes of Artemis

Twilight mirrors shining with truth

My home is in the wild forest

Cedar Madrone sea-mist and bramble

My heart is wild in the tame day-to-day

My soul is free- tending the bees

Nootka rose and blackberry-wild honey and fern

Into the forest go I

Into the forest


Artemis Bee PS copy.jpg crop

This labyrinth poem written in runes made her debut at this year’s ASWM Symposium. I was a guest speaker and part of the We’Moon Artists Panel.  Artemis Bee Labyrinth will be on display at Gargoyles Statuary for their Summer Solstice :”Goddess, the Divine Feminine” group exhibition.

Lisa Noble




Lakshmi Manifesting/Artist Statement: Goddess the Divine Feminine, Summer Solstice group Goddess art show at Gargoyles


Lakshmi Manifesting


For three thousand years

Millions of people sing

Om Lakshmi Om


And She listens



Sandal wood incense and pink

 Lotus offering

I can see her sailing across the Ganges

Gold coins flowing

From hennaed hands

Om shreem Lakshmi

I touch Her feet

With saffron



Om Shreem- Maha Lakshmi  yei


In my mystic vision

Of Lakshmi manifesting abundance

I know that anything is possible

Lakshmi Manifesting color reverse copy

Artist Statement

Goddess Art is my journey to be one with the Goddess within.  These poetry pieces are explorations of my experiences of healing, participation, and devotional connection with the Feminine Divine. My Labyrinth Art made its debut at this year’s ASWM (Association for the Study of Women in Mythology); where I was a part of the We’ Moon Artist’s Panel.  To read the text one walks the labyrinth with the eyes (Artemis Bee Labyrinth is written in runes).   Labyrinths are a recent discovery for me and I find them to be a perfect vessel for meditation. Once I learned how to draw labyrinths I became very excited about using them to create my Poetry Art!  “Lakshmi Manifesting” makes Her debut at Gargoyles Statuary and She is delighted to be here to meet you.


Lisa Noble is a regular contributor to We’Moon Publications; her writing and Goddess art work has also appeared in Sage Woman Magazine, the Beltane Papers, the Sound of the Caer Bards of Pugenta, Voices of Choice Magazine and 33 Angel Times.  Lisa’s Goddess Art has been displayed at:  Gargoyles Statuary, Art Not Terminal, Stargazers, Travelers and Women of Wisdom’s Goddess Market, to name a few.




Lisa Noble



Panacea: The Goddess Within: Goddess the Divine Feminine


Friday June 19 I will be part of a group exhibition at Gargoyles Statuary in the U-District Goddess: the Divine Feminine; A Summer Solstice exhibition of Goddess art.

 Blue Fire GirlPanacea:  The Goddess Within


Within me I hold close a light

A power that can never diminish


I walk in beauty through an inferno

Fire in my hair- fire in my veins

In the cool breath of present

My path is in the now


The moon on the water

Dances and glimmers

Yet I am as the moon

A constant light in the dark unknown

To wax to wane- I change

I am altered yet I am whole

Dark moon cycle reborn to the light


From the source to my mother to me and beyond

We pass on a light that can never diminish

The center of creation

In the art of living


I am only me- I am the universe

I am reborn in the moment

Of the constant light of the changing moon



Lisa Noble