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  1. Hey Lisa– Please let me know if you see this, I’m a mite distrustful of wordpress sending out notifications of new comments via email.

    Just wanted to say hey— Also, I really valued the time we spent together tonight; it felt like more than two hours!

    I am very curious to hear your thoughts about the “grief series” we talked about; In particular I’m curious what kinds of similarities you detect (or not) regarding content, structure, pacing, etc. And please let me know if you have trouble finding the poems, I still haven’t got the site running anywhere near my satisfaction.

    Also, I really like the artwork on your page! So much color, I love it

    Take care, talk soon,


  2. Hey Lisa, Wow great timing I just checked back here and there’s your resonses from the last couple days!

    That “reach for the stars” picture is really cool. I think I might’ve seen it before but I never followed all the writing around. It’s interesting the way it winds around like that; it’s not really an optical illusion but I find myself having a similar internal response. This feeling of curiosity as well as trepidation about the potential dangers I might face by embarking on the journey of understanding.

    Which aligns quite nicely with the message of what you wrote about reaching for the stars.

    I guess you’re still out of town but someone is doing a poetry thing at the burien art gallery this wednesday at 7 pm in honor of april poetry month. Basically another open mic, not that different from what you do with the poets west group.

    Anyway I’ll let you know how it goes when I see you next.

    Oh yeah I won’t see you in June. Unfortunately I’ll be in Austin TX visiting my uncle. I’m actually flying back that day so looks like I’ll just miss the reading.

    I didn’t get an email notice either for what it’s worth

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