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Artemis Bee Labyrinth/Goddess: the Divine Feminine at Gargoyles Statuary




Into the forest go I

A wild thing at night

I am a seed- a fireweed sprout

I am a she-bear; kindred spirit

Deep in the forest She waits

Shining in the torches- the candles- the stars

Eyes of Artemis

Twilight mirrors shining with truth

My home is in the wild forest

Cedar Madrone sea-mist and bramble

My heart is wild in the tame day-to-day

My soul is free- tending the bees

Nootka rose and blackberry-wild honey and fern

Into the forest go I

Into the forest


Artemis Bee PS copy.jpg crop

This labyrinth poem written in runes made her debut at this year’s ASWM Symposium. I was a guest speaker and part of the We’Moon Artists Panel.  Artemis Bee Labyrinth will be on display at Gargoyles Statuary for their Summer Solstice :”Goddess, the Divine Feminine” group exhibition.

Lisa Noble





Mandalas, Altars, Labyrinths


Lately, my art work looks like either an altar, a mandala or a labyrinth…Changing Time color midnight ps copyB&W Raven horizon reverseblack sky bonesMidnight Altarswasp mandala reverse ps copy  Oops, can’t find the labyrinth right now, I’ll post it later.

My best friends are bones and the ghosts that haunt them; denizens of mirages  and whispers; I’ve collected desert legends like a pocket full of show and tell to share with anyone who had the nerve to hear.  I’ve searched out ghosts on the trails of dust devils but I can’t quite find what I’m looking for, or what’s looking for me?

 All I know is that I dream about fire and that when I wake up, I know something is out there!

My recent work to be on display at Gargoyles Statuary opening in October 17th will be part of a Day of the Dead group exhibition. My work is based on the illustrations for my book “The Char Man Chronicles: the Book of Fire”  I will also have my work on display with Seattle Indie Authors Alliance at Fantagraphic Book Store and Gallery in Georgetown Nov 8th for the second Saturday Art walk 6-9

raven glow reversebloody bride midnight color ps copy

Thanks for visiting, I’ll keep you posted on upcoming Lisa events


Fuzzy Hedgehog Press Indie Book Fair The Charman Chronicles


Art Not Terminal Gallery in downtown Seattle is hosting The Fuzzy Hedgehog Press Indie Book Fair. I will be there with my Charman Chronicles and prints of new illustrations. June 14 & 15 12-8 Hope to see you there.


Midnight Bones illustration for “The Rip Tide”  Frankie discovers the perils of going swimming alone.


Tulip Bee Circle, “Circle in the Dark” Elsa tells Frankie about her secret past in Nazi occupied Holland.


Doe, “The White Doe” Frankie follows a magical white doe to the center of all things.


Desert Offering “The Changing Time” Frankie walks out of a mirage and leaves a desert offering.


Wasp Mandala “Crossing Over” The harrowing beauty of nature looms over Frankie on the hour of the wolf.


“The Bloody Bride” Frankie tells a ghost story to her friends and wonders if one can really die of a broken heart.

Many Thanks to Mysty Johns for her help with these images.

A big shout out to Kree Arvanitas for telling me about this neat book fair.

“The Charman Chronicles: The Book of Fire” is available on Amazon in book and Kindle format.  Please note: the new illustrations are not in the books yet:  a labor of love and a work in progress.