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Panacea: The Goddess Within: Goddess the Divine Feminine


Friday June 19 I will be part of a group exhibition at Gargoyles Statuary in the U-District Goddess: the Divine Feminine; A Summer Solstice exhibition of Goddess art.

 Blue Fire GirlPanacea:  The Goddess Within


Within me I hold close a light

A power that can never diminish


I walk in beauty through an inferno

Fire in my hair- fire in my veins

In the cool breath of present

My path is in the now


The moon on the water

Dances and glimmers

Yet I am as the moon

A constant light in the dark unknown

To wax to wane- I change

I am altered yet I am whole

Dark moon cycle reborn to the light


From the source to my mother to me and beyond

We pass on a light that can never diminish

The center of creation

In the art of living


I am only me- I am the universe

I am reborn in the moment

Of the constant light of the changing moon



Lisa Noble