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A Night With Ray Bradbury: For Tina and David…


Aah, Halloween- the falling leaves, cool long foggy nights, reading some Ray Bradbury and a little CharMan to make it extra tantalizing… 

A Night with Ray Bradbury


As if drunk on dandelion wine

We savored the terror

Of a haunted circus

Of a gypsy fortune teller made of wax

Who could see your soul


Something Wicked This Way Comes

And the dark ravine surrounded us

As we made long dark drive home

Telling the true tales of horror

All the way to your house


Sister stay it’s spooky tonight!

When we got there the door was wide open

And that was just the beginning


In those dark windy nights before Halloween

The stories of the mummy’s curse

The doomed Carter excavation

Body snatchers from Mars

Snakes that writhed from the open mouth

Of a long dead skull

They seemed more true than usual


And your door was wide open and

 The curtains blew in the breeze


Inside a demon, a minion of untold evil lurked.


Run for the car drive for help

Help – help the door is open

The circus is in town and the carousel is run by Satan himself

Help was very sleepy- had to work the butt-early shift tomorrow

Cat’s still in nothing’s missing gotta go see ya!


And the night wind howled terror- monsters-

Invisible boys in time machines

The beating of the tell-tail heart


I turned my head in a slow 180

Whistling a few bars of Tubular Bells

Charman- Charman- my eyes open wide

Auhhhhh she screamed

Shut up or ride the bus home!


Davey save us and Davey did he was on his way

We each burned a butt to ward off evil

Davey arrived well armed;

Baseball bat and tattered teddy bear

Long john jammies with button-up backside


We poured him a glass of dandelion wine

And in the safety of blankys and pillows and sleepy cats

Told tales of lonely sea serpents, midnight circuses

And of course- Charman