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“My Own Personal Animal Kingdom” first published in “Longing for Bohemia” by Lisa Noble


My own Personal Animal Kingdom




Trapped between a rock and a hard spot

I did what any self-respecting jackrabbit would do

I began to jump up and down as high as I could: up and down in one spot

The disoriented raptor plummeted towards me but missed the mark

Disorient and deflect

Rabbit wisdom; I like to eat like a rabbit

Rabbit serenity; the Zen of twilight at Discovery Park

The trick is to also know the way of the cat

She who knows when to run, when to turn and stand her ground or roll on her back and eviscerate

Sometimes jump up and down (rabbits do very well at job interviews by the way and taking tests with essay questions.

Cats do not tolerate interviews or 9-5 anything.

Although crow like in my shopping habits especially in metaphysical bead shops,

I’ve been know to salamander around Belltown craving chocolate and

Squinting at poetry that I’ve written on post-its

with a blunt Ticonderoga

Until my amphibian disdain for dank weather renders me so sluggish that I drag myself into the nearest fire with hopes of reanimation and mocha.

My inner cat however continues to stalk me

She and I are one; I become the midnight invisibility of my desires.

Running off to join the circus; it’s Saturday night and the big top is full

I am a composed study of flame colored spandex and sequenced georgette

My eyes are orange and I do not have velvet paws

Ladies and gentlemen introducing Sylvia Mahlkinfire

The only flying trapeze-contortionist-magician in the universe!

I work a hundred feet in the air with a flaming net below

You won’t see me jump up and down in one place

I am the dark side of the moon, don’t make me angry mars is in retrograde


I’ve been dancing with the cobras since the equinox

Oh man, can I spit far

I purr as I fly tooth and claw over head

You may throw large bills at my feet

And if you must throw Damascus rose petals make sure that they are red


I levitate upon a pearlescent sphere to the sunlit side of a total eclipse.

Labyrinth Cat copy B-W

Day dreaming about being one with my inner cat.

Stage Fright copy


Sigh…what would be like to run off to Bohemia and join the circus?



Temple of the White Dragon by Lisa Noble dedicated to the practitioners of Falun Dafa


Shen Yun is a dance performance that celebrates China’s diverse and ancient culture and yet this dynamic and spiritual show could never be presented in China today…

In the Temple of the White Dragon, early in the morning air, I practice Falun Dafa.  Coiled at my spine, White Dragon moves up my universe and sets me free.

Truth- Compassion- Tolerance.

I move, I breathe, I meditate.

Dragon’s vapor, morning haze. Face the sunrise without fear.

Breathe in the white fire.  Light of the movements

Truth- Compassion- Tolerance.

We are in unison, multitudes of individuals. We move as one. Our breathe one in one hundred million. The winds of change:

Truth-  Compassion-  Tolerance.

they try to outlaw the white dragon, her gentle power beyond their control. We move as one. They spy on us and lock us up, torture us and kill us. We breathe as one, work camps, disappearances. We move: prison. We meditate.

Truth- Compassion- Tolerance

In my mind, I do five simple movements. Alone as one with one hundred million; in the Temple of the White Dragon, I am free.