Lisa Noble’s Elemental Artist Series

Super Convergence Full Moon Cat By Lisa Noble (white gel pen on black paper)

The Elemental Artist Zodiac: An Artistic Horoscope

You don’t have to be an astrologer to use Elemental Zodiac wisdom to put on fun spin on these Artist’s affirmations. Here I am rocking the Zodiac world by stacking the signs Elementally instead of in order.

You can see at a glance the Zodiac signs for AIR-FIRE-WATER-EARTH:

  • AIR / Mental: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius
  • FIRE / Vital: Aries – LEO – Sagittarius
  • WATER / Emotional: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces
  • EARTH / Physical: Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

If you are a beginning astrologer, these simple lists and affirmations give you a chance to learn this topic elementally. Those of you who are experienced astrologers; you can use the following affirmations as a starting point, you can add your moon and ascendant or details about your natal chart.

Use these short, easy to remember and/or modify affirmations for fun, relaxation, and insight. Who knows what artistic revelations are in the stars for you?

  • AIR:

I am an AIR sign, an Elemental Artist, a denizen in the mental realm of AIR by birthright.

I am a (pick one) Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Ideas swirl around me like a light breeze or engage my entire essence- a tornado of inspiration.

The Power of AIR is mine, all I have to do is breathe it in.

  • FIRE:

I am a FIRE sign, an Elemental Artist, a denizen of the vital realm of FIRE by birthright.

I am a (pick one) Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

Innovation leads the way- bold, daring expression is my forte’.

Shining bright the power of FIRE is mine.

The light of creativity for all to see.

  • WATER:

I am WATER sign, an Elemental artist, a denizen in the emotional realm of WATER by birthright.

I am a (pick one) Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

I delve deep into the ocean of meaning.

I part the veils of mystery in layers of blue.

Reaching out with my feelings, the power of WATER is mine.

  • EARTH:

I am an EARTH sign, an Elemental Artist, a denizen in the physical realm of EARTH by birthright.

I am a (pick one) Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

I channel, manifest, and make concrete art: textiles and clay, stone, and wood.

I give that which never before existed form and reality.

The power of EARTH is mine; I craft it into being.

Mini Bio:

I’m a FIRE sign, it’s hard for me to sit still.  So, I love doing meditations and affirmations while I do my power walk on my lunch break. This clears my mind, lifts my mood, and raises my vibrations. This combined with intentional use of color and gemstones has been a great activity to add to my artistic (and wellness) toolbox. I apply all of these tools and experiences to myself before I write about them. If it is something I enjoy and benefit from, then I share it. Enjoy!


SPIRIT, Lisa Noble’s Elemental Artist Series

SPIRIT Rainbow Hand

The Elemental Artist: SPIRIT

Here in this series, I use the Element of SPIRIRT (As I do with all the elements we explore) from an artistic point of view. So, let’s stand in the center of the here and now and add SPIRIT wisdom to our artistic toolbox. Imagine SPIRIT as the glue that holds the four elements within us and around us together.

SPIRIT connects us to:

  • Our inner child / younger self / our past
  • Those who came before us who are now a part of who we are.
  • The artist and audience connect through creative works.
  • What stories do these connections tell?

Can we deepen and layer meaning with color, symbolism, and correspondences?

Imagine you are telling your story with visual art. You might pause and ask, “How do I paint light, or transcendence?” Go inside and ask each of the elements-each one will give a different suggestion, but SPIRIT will craft an answer for you. Give it the quiet mental space to formulate your “aha!” moment. Let SPIRIT draw inspiration to you.

Key words for SPIRIT

  • Zodiac: all of astrology, understanding how it all relates on a global level
  • Color: Black-White-Clear-Iridescent-Purple-Rainbow
  • Season: The Wheel of the Year / Time: Eternity
  • Sense: Hearing

Aspects: Connection-Group Energy-Higher Self

Working with SPIRIT, you stand in the center and allow connections, you allow your magnetism to work for you and draw inspiration to you. Using breath and all your senses to tune into your intuition, do you see that beautiful light? It shines from you…

I am the Elemental Artist of SPIRIT

I am filled with iridescent light, I breathe it in, I see it, taste it, feel it-I hear the light as frequencies, as vibrations, as messages-The light of inspiration is music to my ears.

I am the Elemental Artist of SPIRIT.

I am forever young-happy-playful, I see the world through the eyes of my inner child, and all is fresh and new and magic has returned to my life. My art is fun and satisfying and it flows from me without judgement or reservation.

I am the Elemental Artist of SPIRIT

My work is seen, heard, touched by others in my presence-energy is exchanged and transformed-something new comes into being.

I channel love and the energy of the ones who came before me. A part of them now lives in me, a part of them shines in the light of my art. My creations draw all experiences into the circle of my awareness and being.

In the center, transcending time and place, I gather this light to my circle, it is drawn to me.

I am the Elemental Artist of SPIRIT; the circle is complete.

Mini Bio:

Starting with those first guided meditations in high school drama class, I began to learn about the power of the mind and the unlimited potential of believing in myself. Over the years working in countless art festivals, psychic fairs, poetry readings, participating in circles and with groups, I came to know firsthand the power of connecting to people. The positive energy with others, embracing the Element of SPIRIT has been the gateway for me in getting published, leading classes, participating in exhibitions, and performing my written works. By the power of SPIRIT, my creative life is rich and rewarding.

EARTH Lisa Noble’s Elemental Artist Series

Earth Still Life w/ Earth Symbol Tile, holey stone, hand knitted scarf, rowan beads and crystal point.

The Elemental Artist: EARTH

Step outside and feel the EARTH power all around you: look at the far-off mountains or a pebble or the sidewalk. We are all the “stuff” of EARTH. Feel your world teeming with life. SHE is telling you the story of the ages, the legacy of all the grandmothers who ever lived.

  • Will working with the Element of EARTH make the world a better place? YES! Because:
  • You craft into being something out of thin air- something useful-beautiful-nutritious now exists because of you. Until you do this it is an idea, it is thin air, EARTH power makes it real.
  • You bring your connections to animals and plants a form that brings awareness to your community.
  • Arts and crafts bring abundance through sales, and barter-we can share our prosperity with environmental and animal welfare groups.

YES! Working with the Elemental powers of EARTH will do the following for you:

  • As a stable reliable EARTH artist, you will set up a practical workspace and have the discipline to schedule an art routine.
  • You are creating items for the home, to give as gifts, to sell. You are meeting your needs (New Kitchen curtains for example) supplementing your income, you plant and tend your vegetable garden and have enough to share.
  • You give yourself permission for all aspects of your creative life be they practical or fun.

Key Words for EARTH:

  • Zodiac: Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn
  • Color: Green-Brown-Black
  • Season: Winter / Time: Midnight
  • Sense: Touch
  • Aspects: Abundance-Reliability-Stability

Take good care of yourself; eat healthy food, drink plenty of water and spend time outside. Feel how nature can be a source of inspiration. Sit on the Earth and be. Be alive and one with the Element of EARTH.

I am the Elemental Artist of EARTH; with my feet firmly planted, I walk the path of creativity.

I draw my power and energy from the forces of nature that surround me. I in turn give back to the Earth in thought and deed.

My life is rich, and I embrace EARTH energy:





I am the Elemental Artist of Earth.

By my skill, I bring that which has never existed into being-I craft my life and it is rich and beautiful.

I turn my dreams into reality be they great or simple.

I am the Elemental Artist of EARTH.

I cook- I sew- I sculpt- I garden- I carve- I spin: I live my life like an art form.

I am generous and nurturing to my fellow creatures.

I revere nature and tell her story: the acorn promise of an oak grove which lives through me and the work of my hands.

I tread lightly and return what I take.

I am rich in the EARTH’S bounty, as I craft Grandmother EARTH’s story into existence.

Mini Bio:

I have run my Elemental art business in its many forms for decades. My “Henna Hands” evolved into Elemental Goddesses, which were published in We’Moon, ASWM Anthology: “Vibrant Voices, Women, Myth and the Arts” and other venues. The plight of animals has always been a great concern to me so creating and selling animal images has been my fundraiser far and wide from the koala bears in Australia to the cats and dogs at Burien C.A.R.E.S. I am grateful to be using the Elemental power of EARTH to manifest art and give aid to her creatures.

Lisa Noble’s Elemental Artist Series: The Elemental Personas in Shakespeare


Illustration: The Three Weird Kitties

The Elemental Personas in Shakespeare

Due to the literary and poetic content, we might think of Shakespeare creativity as an AIR element art. Yes, and you would be right, but as a close student of elemental artistry, look deeper:

Below are elemental Shakespearean correspondences that barely scratch the surface of the wealth of artistic inspiration the “Elemental Bard” has to offer.


  • AIR: Ariel from “The Tempest”
  • FIRE: Beatrice from “Much Ado About Nothing”
  • WATER: Viola from “Twelfth Night”
  • EARTH: Roseline from “As you Like It”
  • SPIRIT: The Three Weird Sisters from “Macbeth”

Quick sketches of these elemental personas can lead to an “undiscovered country” of unique ideas and themes to work with.


  • AIR: “This above all else, to thine own self be true” Hamlet
  • FIRE: “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers!” Henry the V
  • WATER: “The quality of mercy is not measured but flows like rain” Merchant of Venice
  • EARTH: “Oh brave new world, that has such people in it!” The Tempest
  • SPIRIT: “The are more things in heaven or hell Horatio, than ever are dreamt in our philosophy” Hamlet

Using Shakespearean quotes in visual and written arts connects us and our audience to a collective cultural consciousness. Note the cat themed nod back to a certain Scottish play, I could take the ball (of yarn) and run with it and do a whole series of Elemental Shakespearean cat images.

Revisit your favorite Shakespearean plays (even “West Side Story” or “Shakespeare in Love”) and imagine how you would illustrate the scenes you love most.

A wonderful part of Seattle culture is the annual summer Shakespeare in the Park, which are free performances. My family has often planned fun gatherings at a designated “Summer Shakies” location. Next time you find yourself a “groundling” :

Put on your elemental thinking cap and assign elements to the characters-have fun!

I am inspired by the Elemental Bard,

And I shall have poetry in my life!

I travel Back in time to a realm of mystery and intrigue-

I connect to stories still brought to life centuries later.

My art is inspired by fairies and oracles

Witches and mermaids-By Kings and Queens

And the sincere Rude Mechanicals!

All the World’s a Stage-

A Gallery-

A Venue-

A Canvas-

It comes to life like a statue in the Winter’s Tale

I create my own comedies and tragedies-

Histories and sonnets-

I am the director-the producer-the stagehand

All the World’s A stage

I am a player

My star shines bright

Lit by inspiration

Of the Elemental Bard!

Mini Bio:

I was in grade school when the Roman Polanski version of Romeo and Juliet hit the theaters, and my mom took us to the Ventura theater to see it! My first live Shakespeare play was “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the age of twelve at the Ventura College Auditorium. In high school my younger sister and I saw “Macbeth” featuring Charlton Heston and Vanessa Redgrave, which was a dream come true for a drama student like me. I’ve always loved illustrations such as the Pre-Raphaelite “Ophelia” or Chagall’s vision of Titania and Bottom! My husband volunteers for the Seattle Shakespeare company and The Wooden O, so Shakespeare was and continues to be an important part of my cultural experience.

Rough draft for The Three Weird Kitties. Save all your doodles and thumbnail sketches, they come in handy when you are ready to develop an idea.

WATER The Elemental Artist’s Series Lisa Noble

WATER still life: Elemental WATER Henna by Lisa Noble

The Elemental Artist: WATER

Emotion in your artwork flows from the element of WATER. This is the key to infusing your creations with meaning. Take a moment to review your work; see expressions of love-serenity-joy. What story does it tell?

Why does working creatively with the element of WATER make the world a better place?

  • We, as elemental artists, use the energy of WATER to explain something important to our audience from a visceral, emotional point of view-we use color, line quality, and expression to create a mood.
  • WATER tells the story of love and grief, joy and tragedy-WATER is the Romeo and Juliet moment that makes it all clear: we see through someone else’s eyes and know their heart-felt emotions. We feel what it is to be human.

What does working with WATER do for you as an Elemental Artist?

  • Emotion from WATER energy gives meaning to your work which is cathartic for you and draws others in.
  • WATER energy in art says, “I know how you feel” and connects you to your audience.
  • Using and wearing cool watery colors has a soothing effect.
  • If you are not used to working with WATER energy, perhaps you don’t have much WATER in your Zodiac chart, it can help you break out of a rut or and clear creative blocks.
  • WATER energy holds a mirror up to the heart and says: “Do you feel like this too?”

Key Words for WATER:

  • Zodiac: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces
  • Color: Blue-Teal-Cool Greens-Grey
  • Season: Autumn / Time of day: Twilight
  • Sense: Taste
  • Aspects: Psychic Awareness-Emotion-Empathy

W-A-T-E-R: The first word Helen Keller ever expressed to another human being. Once she crossed that ocean of isolation, she was connected-she was one-she was free for the first time to tell her story and make us all more courageous and empathetic.

I am the Elemental Artist of WATER; I immerse myself in the realm of WATER.

I am fluid- I am liquid- I am mist and ice- I am WATER in all its forms.

I am the Elemental Artist of WATER

I flow around every obstacle-I reshape stone

I carve canyons

I am a dewdrop- a monsoon.

My emotions are as deep as the sea, pulled like a tide by the ever-changing moon.

I ebb and flow-

I am florescent-

I stand in the twilight rain and wash away all that does not serve.

I am the Elemental artist of WATER.

Gaze into my moonlit mirror, the oracle pond: intuitive-psychic-empathic.

The veil is drawn in layers of blue- the unseen revealed.

My chalice is full to the brim-I am full of creativity and expression.

My story reflected in my art for all to see.

I am a daring, courageous, loving, creature of WATER.

When I gaze into my mirror, I see my true self.

Mini Bio:

My festival contacts led me to henna. Kree Arvanitas, the owner of Gilded Lily Henna Body Art took me under her wing and beyond the pale into a flurry of local art events. I saw the power of henna’s ability to capture meaning and symbolism and it inspired me to do my first “Elemental” art. I designed paper hands adorned with real henna (and glitter because well, shiny is good). This blew the doors off my design work, and I created a bold expressive art form. Performing Elemental Henna at psychic Fairs quickly taught me the need for shielding so that I could endure the emotional and psychic bombardment of such an event. Donning Aquamarine and cloaking myself in layers of blue, I called upon the Element of WATER to empower me to function in a mode of detached compassion. Those of us with a moon in Pisces will understand…

FIRE: Lisa Noble’s Elemental Artist’s Series


The Elemental Artist of FIRE

It takes guts to be an artist; to start a project, to find the energy, drive, and motivation to gather materials and do the hands-on work it takes to be a “maker” and a “doer”. The good news is that we have the Elemental power of FIRE to light the way, to open our eyes and see what needs to be done.

Can working with FIRE make the world a better place? YES!

  • Your works sparks others to join your cause
  • FIRE makes you bold and gives you the ambition to get involved
  • Art created with FIRE energy can be charged to heal and protect
  • Art lights the way for others to shine

What does using FIRE energy do for you as an Elemental Artist?

  • FIRE motivates you to start a project
  • FIRE walks into the gallery with you to show your portfolio
  • FIRE says: “Hell yeah, bring it on!”
  • The FIRE energy of passion and compassion is expressed through your art for others and for yourself.

Key words for FIRE

  • Zodiac: Aries-Leo-Sagittarius
  • Color: Red-Orange-Gold-Yellow-White
  • Season: Summer / Time: Noon
  • Sense: Sight
  • Aspects: Passion- Valor-Ambition

Be bold, be brave! Throw open the doors in the noon day sun and start the first day of the rest of your life as an Elemental Artist of FIRE!

I am the Elemental Artist of FIRE

By the power of FIRE, I am the phoenix rising reinventing myself and burning away all that does not serve.

I am a pillar of light in a brave new world

I am a creature of FIRE-I am unstoppable-energized-emboldened-I am raw ambition and 100% motivation

I am the Elemental Artist of FIRE-I can do this!

I Blaze

I Glow

I Shimmer

I am a visionary-an innovator-risk taker-problem solver

The only answer I know is YES, no is just a road bump I leap over roll and tumble with martial agility.

All that I say comes true because I speak only the truth- I do all I say I will do, my integrity on my sleave for all to see.

I am the Elemental Artist of FIRE-See me light the way like the blazing sun.

I am radiant creativity

I have much to show the world

The Luminous spectacle of my illustrious fiery art.

Mini Bio:

In the early 1980s I had two different artistic gigs going on at once. The first was as a face painter at the Seattle Center starting at Bumbershoot working a four-day weekend with twelve-hour shifts. The second was as part of the Seattle Opera’s Theater Makeup Crew. Both Gigs took guts, either facing huge festival crowds or marching into the Men’s Chorus Dressing room with my makeup kit. I certainly had FIRE energy as my ally, and I often wore red to tap into that bold power.

AIR: Lisa Noble’s Elemental Artist Series


The Elemental Artist of AIR

Artistically speaking, it all starts with the elemental qualities of AIR, namely:

  • Ideas
  • Inspiration
  • Imagination

Before we create anything, we “get” an idea, or as local artist and my good friend the late Carlos Contreras taught me: “We channel inspiration from the universe through our hand and brush and thus make art!”

So, how does working with the Element of AIR make the world a better place?

  • We, as Elemental Artists illustrate ideas and on a deeper level, cosmic consciousness for all to see.
  • We communicate thoughts in various forms to give our audience a different point of view.
  • We inspire others

What does using AIR energy do for you as an Elemental Artist?

Use your breathing to calm mental chatter and allow you to open up to constructive ideas.

You have the power of knowing that ideas are creative forms manifesting from thin air.

Add to your artistic vocabulary by:

Using Quotations or poetry either thematically or visually interpreted

Explore AIR genres such as lettering, runes, or monograms.

Key Words for AIR:

  • Zodiac: Gemini-Libra-Aquarius
  • Colors: Yellow-Pastel-White
  • Season: Spring / Time of day: Sunrise
  • Sense: Smell
  • Aspects: Travel-Communication-Intelligence.

So-take a deep breathe, open the door, step out on the path of the Elemental Artist of AIR:

Enjoy this AIR Guided Meditation…

I am the Elemental Artist of AIR.

In my mind, in my imagination I fly, I soar, I spread my wings and travel to the east horizon, basking in the pastel sunrise.

My art takes me where my imagination leads-

My art takes you along with me to the land of unlimited potential.

I am the Elemental Artist of AIR- The Knowledge of my intellect, a new frontier of discovery- I open my mind to new ideas and innovations.

My whimsical humor tickles my fancy, my play on words, on images, a lighthearted story; all this I communicate to the world by my creations.

I pause

I breathe

I pay attention

As I breathe my mind is still

I notice my thoughts and let them flutter by like butterflies kissing lavender blossoms.

Breathe and be inspired

By the power of AIR, I write down my ideas

I do thumbnail sketches

I doodle

By the power of AIR, I am in the realm of IDEAS

By the Power of AIR, I am balanced- I let my head process thoughts and through my breath integrate them to my heart and soul and hands.

I am the Elemental Artist of AIR

In my mind I cross the threshold and step out on the path of my creative life.

Mini Bio:

I have been experiencing guided meditations since 1973 when, as a drama student, I learned to control stage fright through guided meditations. I also discovered writing poetry as a form of meditation and empowerment.

Lisa Noble’s Elemental Artist’s Series

Elemental Mandala with Bedspread (c) Lisa Noble

The Elemental Artist: Imagine- Dream- Create- Believe

Welcome to the first post in my Elemental Artist Blog Series! Through this series we will explore several topics from an artistic/elemental point of view. I also include a guided a meditation or affirmation with each post. Without further ado: enjoy!

The Elemental Artist I am SHE/HE/ZE

Right now, my art brings prosperity-

I craft my life abundantly-

And walk the path creatively-

The artist’s life, YES, that’s for me!

What are the Elements?

From ancient times and in numerous cultures, elements are the building blocks of our world. The belief is that everything in made of combinations of the elements below. I have the found the study of Elemental Wisdom to be vast source of artistic inspiration.

We will focus on each element in future posts. What does being an Elemental Artist do for you? It’s elementary my friends, by experiencing the energies of:

  • AIR
  • FIRE

You engage those qualities in yourself. The simple affirmations in these posts are gateways to your creative life as an Elemental Artist. Step out on the path with me and explore each element and why our art makes the world a better place.

Key words for the Elemental Artist:

  • AIR: Ideas-What inspires
  • FIRE: Motivation-Do the hands-on work
  • WATER: Emotion-Fill your work with meaning
  • EARTH: Manifestation-Making it a reality
  • SPIRIT-Collaboration-Share your work

Each element gives you a unique artistic Superpower. You as the Elemental Artist can use these guided meditations and affirmations to balance your personal elemental composition. You experience the opportunity to work in themes and expand your artistic vocabulary and to add to your artistic “toolbox”

The way is lit

The door is open

I know the way

As I step out on the path of my own making…

Mini Bio:

Lisa Noble draws her inspiration from her lifelong research and close work with the Elemental powers that surround us; powers that are available to all of us who are drawn to a creative life. Lisa is the creator of the “Elemental Artist” series of books and curriculum.

A Street Poet’s 19th Amendment Centennial


2020 A Street Poet’s 19th Amendment Centennial
The first year I voted for a president, women had only had the right to vote nationally for a little over fifty years. I knew grandmothers who remembered NOT BEING ALLOWED TO VOTE. Does your grandmother remember; do you?
Now is the time to honor those women who struggled and fought for US to have the right to vote. Listen to this street poet: your vote matters, your voice matters, YOU MATTER! Now at the Centennial of the 19th Amendment, celebrate your right to vote, right now!
VOTE- for candidates who respect and defend women’s rights
VOTE- for candidates who honor the diversity of all the people that make our nation strong.
VOTE- for candidates who believe in SCIENCE.
VOTE- for candidates who will tell you the TRUTH.
This street poet has been voting for over fifty years. My vote matters each and every time; even when I don’t win, I never give up because my voice is counted, every time I cast my ballot.
In 2020, this street poet will be voting for you: for your future, for your education, for your children and grandchildren. I’m voting for nature and human rights and animal welfare.
VOTE- for candidates who CARE about ALL human beings regardless of race, creed or color.
VOTE- for candidates who know that this planet is our home and that they must protect the environment.
VOTE- As if this country depends on YOU.
VOTE- As if YOUR future depends on it.
VOTE- As if YOUR LIFE depends on it; because it does, right here right NOW.
Tell everyone you know to vote-in EVERY ELECTION. Now is the time to STAND UP and BE COUNTED and NEVER GIVE UP!
Lisa Noble Burien, WA Street Poet: This poem: “2020 A STREET Poet’s 19th Amendment Centennial” has an open copyright. You may reprint and distribute this as desired. The purpose of this piece is to get the word out to encourage everyone to register to vote and participate in all elections. Write your own version of this story and spread the word.